Dogshow Moeskroen

Yesterday we left early in the morning, to the dogshow at Moeskroen (B). We had Carwyn with us, and Miranda, she joined us as a visitor.

There was so little space, unfriendly dogpeople, and we had to wait for 120 dogs before we could enter the ring, and last but not least a judgeswitch.

In the afternoon, we could finally start. But what a judging… He didn’t even touch the dogs! Only to see the scissor bite. No dogs on the table. And last but not least, Carwyn left the ring with a VG.

Here are the results:

Open Dogs
Blatirans Gordon Godzilla – 1VG

Champion Dogs
Yashashiikuma Telltail Dbledare – 1Ex – CAC CACIB – BOB

Youth Bitches
Waggerland Last Laugh For Llaneirwg – 1Ex – JCAC

Open Bitches
Jennyvic Ditto of Wildcard – 1Ex – CAC CACIB – BOS

With the pems there were also 4 dogs entered.

Melody had her puppy, who went Best Puppy of Breed, and got shortlisted in the mainring
Her open boy got a VG, from that same ‘judge’.

Christine handled Kiki, a bitch, and got CAC CACIB.
And last but not least… Bryson got CAC CACIB – BOB – BIG – BIS!!! Congrats Christine and all involved!

Intermediate Dogs
H.R.H. Lord Elliot De La Cavern Des Anges – 1VG

Champion Dogs
Antudor Accidentally In Love – 1Ex – CAC CACIB – BOB – BIG – BIS

Puppy Bitches
Idgy Fairy Saddle De La Caverne Des Anges – 1VP – Best Puppy

Intermediate Bitches
Siggen’s Queen Of Spades – 1Ex – CAC CACIB – BOS

And some other news from mainring, with the breed Gos d’Atura Catala. Pia got best couple & best group in show! Way to go!!!!

It was a fun day after all 🙂


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