Weekend Kortrijk & Ardennen

We had a busy weekend.

On friday we had lots of visit, and a corgi visitor came in. Cymraeg Ci Lullaby would go to Kortrijk with us.

On saturday, early in the morning, we went to Kortrijk. The cardigans would be judged almost as last, so it was a long wait.

Carwyn was entered in Open Class and got an Excellent, but only placed 2nd.

Lizzy was entered in Youth Class and got an Excellent, but only placed 3d.

BOB was Waggerland Last Laugh For Llaneirweg, she also was Best Youth.

Saturday evening we drove to the other side of Belgium, to the Belgian ‘Ardennen’. We had a long walk on sunday, and Carwyn his show coupe was immediately gone đŸ™‚

Some pictures of the weekend:

Lizzy & Carwyn



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